At RAW, design excellence & creativity are not expensive options - they are fundamental to realising a building within the constraints of budget and schedule. At RAW, design excellence & creativity are not added value, they are primary values.

The advantage of RAW is a hands-on relationship-based design process. Our directors and senior staff are not master delegators we are architects and designers who are intimately involved in all aspects of our projects. RAW is not a hierarchical corporation we are a medium sized award winning architecture and design studio delivering creative responses to our clients objectives.

Unconcerned with stylistic expectations, RAW architecture focuses on understanding of site opportunities and client specific objectives. Evolving from a critical investigation of site and context and filtered through an imaginative design process we develop clear concepts which become strong urban form. We take a completely open-minded approach to architecture, encouraging a fluid and collaborative design process.


RAW is one of Toronto’s most vibrant and respected architectural and design studios. Cited as the 2009 Ontario Best Emerging Practice we possess an international design sensibility and wisdom combined with a wealth of recent local experience. The RAW portfolio includes the successful completion of many significant and landmark structures and our ongoing work includes many buildings set to become benchmarks for design excellence. Based in Toronto, our partners in Abu Dhabi, Delhi & Mumbai expand our reach into Asia & the Middle East.

RAW experience includes the completion of projects varying in size from 10,000ft² to greater than 1,000,000ft² locally and internationally and comprises most building types and forms including office, residential, seniors, institutional, retail, automotive & industrial uses. A recognised expertise in the renovation and interface of existing (frequently heritage) buildings overlaps these occupancy types. We have received numerous awards and international recognition for our creativity and innovation, and have a long history of satisfied and loyal clients.





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